The land they call ‘Naming Nirvana’


Introduction: In the post, we look at some possibilities for you as you set your specific “Naming Goals”. For readers from, we hope this article will be useful as we put ourselves in the shoes of our users.

Nirvana. No, not the Grunge leaders. Naming Nirvana.

For any entrepreneur, this is the desired name that will maximise the chances of startup success – bliss.

The question is – should it be your naming goal? This the question you have to answer as you set your naming goals.

The problem is we’re operating in the real world. You don’t quite know how your content is going to grow. You may be figuring out what your users actually want. Heck, they mightn’t even know what they want or need – yet.

So you could be six months down the road, still no name, and you’re climbing some mountain peak in Tibet still looking for “Naming Nirvana”.

Now, as part of the process, you will come up with a list of “good enough” domains. These are what they say – “good enough” domains that could easily assist you achieve your success cycle between the domain and your content.

A possible strategy is to devote a certain time limit to the process. So in this time limit, we’re going to our darndest to arrive at “Naming Nirvana” – but if we don’t get there, we will have some “good enough” alternatives.

The thing is you may need to ponder the name and come back to it. So you may need to get in the shower in mornings and listen to what your brain tells you about your name. That’s going to take different days (or possibly lots of showers).

Believe you me, if there’s a problem with your name, your brain will dutifully inform you of this as the water jets hit your body.

So, you might need to “float” your time allocation to the naming process over a decent time period, so you can crack on with the wireframes.

So the degree of “Nirvana” you require(and hence the time allocated) – is up to you.

Sometimes, the “Nirvava” name happens quite quickly. If this happens, go for it. The process thus ends quickly. You will know deep down if this name is good.

I would imagine for every “Nirvana” name there will be an element of “love” for the name.

Now let’s say the process is tougher. You have say five “good enough” candidates.

Let me put it like this.

A relationship – can be worked on. You bring things to a relationship. You think of your partner. You help each other. It works. It grows. Your love is steady. Then – it blooms.

This could be like your relationship with your name. You add the content. The dedication. You help your users. The love grows.

The name is doing it’s bit. So Naming Nirvana?

Nevermind indeed.