The Internet has been dominated by big winners – including the dot com extension


In this piece, we look at power behind the dot-com extension, and how it effects Entrepreneurs as they name their businesses and startups. Readers from will hopefully find this useful as we look at the naming process through the eyes of our users.

It defined a generation.

But is it still a dot-com world?

For your business, you have to decide are the halcyon days of dot com still here – or are there other, better alternatives for you.

You will have to decide is your business or startup still going to bleed traffic to the dot-com version of your domain.

Then, you will have to balance this seepage with the scenario wherby this loss of traffic need not be fatal to your business objectives. The branding opportunities from the new domains may outweigh the traffic bleed. You have to decide.

The Internet is with us a while now.

And it’s – possibly surprisingly – dominated by colossal winners in various segments.

I don’t need to to list them, but here goes.

Google in search. Don’t forget before Google there were around 10-15 engines vying for the lead. AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek and more did battle. And they were slaughtered.

Facebook in social is a similar story of the vicious, powerful, disruptive effects of compounding.

But there’s another massive winner that’s not so often talked about like Google or Facebook – but I believe it’s just as big a winner.

That winner is of course – the dot-com extension.

It’s absolute killed them all. It’s just the way it is, the way the architecture of the Internet has compounded. Millions and billions of marketing dollars all poured into .com. Every business pushing their website – also a nice, cool advert for dot-com. Being drummed into the minds of consumers the world over.

Now, your startup or business could access the power of this marketing by using a dot-com address.

What I want to know next is – why and how exactly did the dot-com extension do this?

And that’s the subject of the next post, which will be available soon. Probably in about 2017 the way this blog is going 🙂