The heart of the domain name business: take a sharp left

Rearview shot of an enthusiastic group of friends jumping off a dock into the lakeIn this article, we analyse a leftfield idea surrounding the success of the dot-com extension since the explosion of the Internet. We hope visitors from find this blog useful as we look at naming from the point of view of our users.

Thud – beat; Thud – beat.

It’s the very heart of domain industry itself – the dot com extension.

In this article, I’m seeking to explore why. Just why exactly is the dot-com extension so successful and popular? What’s the matter with dot net? It’s not that bad, why is it lagging so? Likewise dot info, and now the new extensions, though to be fair they have to fight through a crowded stadium to their seat.

Is there a reason, an explanation or something, for this phenomenon?

Like many domainers, I came into domaining with absolutely no background in linguistics. In fact, if you’d have asked me about linguistics, I’d of assumed you were talking about some sort of pasta.

In all the years in this business, the best explanation I heard for the reason of the dot com dominance is also possibly the most leftfield. Here it is:

Firstly, take the extension = dot com…
Now, remove the dot = com…
Finally remove the ‘c’ = OM.

That’s right, the ‘OM’ sound. I have friends and family who spend quite a lot of time on the yoga mat, so I’m aware this sound means something to a lot of people.

Now I know this is a business blog and I don’t wish to get ‘heavy’, but my geeky little brain now wants to find out more. What does this ‘OM’ sound mean anyhow? Why are there whole hours of the ‘AUM’ or ‘OM’ chant to be found on YouTube?

So I’ll go off and look up that massive encyclopedia on the shelf we spent a fortune on, to see if it has any explanations.

Only joking. I’ll Google it :o)

I’ve had a good read, and some awesome stuff:

1) Apparently the sound frequency of ‘OM’ being chanted is the same frequency as the Earth’s rotation (432 Hz to be precise). Plus the Earth’s not flat into the bargain.

2) It’s the sound of one hand clapping. I’ve heard Van Morrisson songs with this line. Let’s park this particular angle.

3) Some say ‘OM’ is even the sound of creation itself. This I’m interested in. Isn’t sound an amazing thing? I think it creates what’s called an ‘alpha wave’ which has a different effect on your brain depending on it’s frequency. To experiment, I listened to Thin Lizzy for an hour before I went to bed last night. Needless to say, I’ll be needing that afternoon nap today.

4) And what about the chant itself? There are four syllables to it: A-U-M and a silent one. You start at the back of your throat and work towards your teeth. Your front teeth gently touch at the end. Your chest and throat will vibrate, quite a nice feeling I have to say. So my understanding is you’re now at the same frequency as the Earth’s rotation.

5) Some people claim, that after going into a prolonged meditation, they actually started hearing the sound. Is this true?

Does this explain in some way why the dot com extension is so successful?