Serving up a brand new name – all thanks to the new Gs…

In this article, we continue to analyse the choice facing startups and entrepreneurs regarding the new domain extensions. We hope visitors from find this blog useful as we look at naming from the point of view of our users.

As we continue this series looking at the various aspects regarding your choice of domain extension, it’s time to take a look at branding.

Right now, the number and quantity of new domain extensions – gTLDs – is filling up faster than a balloon connected to a fire-hose. Even last week within the domain blogging community, there was a blog about how the entire community recently missed the release of a number of new extensions.

This affects branding, so let’s take a look at it. I like to keep it real simple on branding. It’s not just for BMW. It really is for everyone.

It’s simply anything that makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you – “you”. It articulates the “promise” which you must keep.

It includes your logo, your adverts, your packaging – and, needless to say – your name, domain and domain extension. Of course, this is not rocket science. There’s no need for us to phone Stephen Hawking.

Now, let’s take a look at the shop above, which is actually a frozen yoghurt store on slightly salubrious Dawson Street in Dublin. This shop struck me one night as I drove by on the bus, and I must admit to being impressed. The home-made photo above – aided faithfully by the never ending tramworks currently taking place in the City – does not do it justice.

But doesn’t it make this brand stand out from the other buildings? Personally, a found this to be a great bit of branding.

Now let’s take a look at the situation facing many startups as they attend tech conferences. It’s a sight of boundless optimism and excitement as you enter the crowded floor. It’s impossible not to be carried away on the fever wave combination of computer coding, business and art.

And at this time…all that separates you from the rest…is your name. That’s it – your little name.

So – what about a new gTLD to set you apart?

Everyone else is dot com; you are .xyz.

Or more correctly; everyone else is dotless; your are .link.

They are dot com; you are dot club.

They are dotless; you are .zone.

Now, I am not suggesting you should do this; the purpose of this series of articles is to illuminate all the options that exist for you. Only you can make the decision.

From the lead article, again the tradeoff you have to make:

Potential branding benefits of the new domains;
Loss of traffic to the dot-com version.

If I knew the best thing to do, then I would simply email you and tell you; but where’s the fun in that?

Okay so many very influential voices in the Startup and Investment community are confirmed “dot-commers”; you are trying to raise funds off them, and I appreciate the situation; this is tricky.

And of course, they are dot-commers for a good reason.

For this to work, I would imagine you need to be absolutely convinced a new domain extension is ideal for your business; and be completely passionate about your business as crystallised in your new domain extension.

We’ll see.

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