Building out your traffic to the max > more Mark, less Eduardo..

IMG_1878In this article, we explore the options for web builders, and in particular type in domain holders, to build out their traffic.

Ok so many of us are at this web thing a while now; a quick recap.

You’ve probably seen the acclaimed movie “The Social Network ” from a few years back.

The movie charts the creation and rise of Facebook from college dream to actual social Goliath.

For me, the critical struggle lies between the two Founders; Mark and Eduardo.

Both want Facebook to succeed, they just have different paradigms about how best to achieve that goal.

Eduardo is in survival mode. He’s thinking cash, and he’s thinking right now. He troops off to raise money from generally non plussed advertising agencies. He has some success.

Mark, meanwhile, is thinking long term, and he’s thinking cool. He’s thinking no ads. Nada, zuilch, zero!

He’s building up the site, the traffic – the all important ‘users’.

Ultimately, of course, the times they were a-changin’ – and the ads, they were a-comin’!

Peter Thiel at one pointed wanted to sell Facebook … but Mark wisely persuaded him against this.

A question of timing. This is a fantastic mindset.

And could you adopt this mindset to your traffic names?

Build up the traffic, load up the content – and to hell with the pennies? I’m not saying it’s going to be Facebook, but it could be a start to nurturing your traffic.

I’ve done a bit of this in a really small way, but stupidly put up banner ads. I’m definitely going to try a few of these with no ads to see how it goes. With parking revenue now lower than a stick at the World Limbo Championships, now could be the time.

Plenty of startups actually pass on the short term advertising bucks, preferring to show instead the possibility of revenue raising, I think Pinterest was a classic case of this.

It’s not too late, but the clock is a-ticking!
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