I’ve searched every NN, NNN & NNNN in dot com at Afternic, and here’s the result ..very little..

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR -November 08, 2014: Busy street market at Fa Yuen Street at Mong Kok area of Kowloon, Hong Kong.In this blog, we report on our search of all numeric domains up to and including 4N in the dot-com extension at Afternic. This follows the continuing craze for numeric domains following the Chinese Summer stock crash.

We’ll get straight down to business in this blog; then after the business bit, we’ll get all relaxed.

I appreciate many domainers are on fire with the Chinese numeric and 4L explosion, so that’s the paradigm we’re writing from.

We have now scanned Afternic for every single 2N – 4N, looking for priced names.

Needless to say, they are rarer than a tax payment at a super rich corporate multinational.

You absolutely understand the following:
1) This list may not be complete and its out of date by about two weeks as I got sidetracked. But I’ve checked results to make sure the price is showing just before posting this blog.

2) The minimum offer levels may not be real, and you understand 100% that if you buy a name, you may not get the name. In fact, the better the price, the more likely it is you won’t get it.

If you know what your doing, then please skip #3.

3) Now I want you to imagine yourself waking up and deciding to go to the bank. You withdraw a large sum of money in paper format – cold, hard cash that you’ve earned. You drive out to the countryside, and find a nice field. You take out the money and you burn it. You stay and watch every hard earned note go up in smoke. A few clumps of notes are still visible; you light them again to make sure nothing survives.

Unless you know what you are doing in this game, then the scenario above, while seeming far fetched, is actually the reality.

You need to be able to translate the number into Chinese and then back to English. Every number translates, and while it’s not rocket science, it’s tricky for Westerners. I know nothing about this, truly. All I know is 4 is bad, and that 7 before 4 … maybe you don’t want to go there…

Sorry about #3, but you really need to be able to wave goodbye or burn the cash in this game.

Here’s the list (please note this is an affiliate link):

Price > $39,995 Domain > 1784.com
Price > $47,500 Domain > 6093.com
Price > $47,500 Domain > 6167.com
Price > $49,900 Domain > 2360.com
Price > $49,900 Domain > 1394.com
Price > $49,900 Domain > 6750.com
Price > $49,900 Domain > 6340.com
Price > $75,000 Domain > 9661.com
Price > $175,000 Domain > 2101.com
Price > $200,000 Domain > 1480.com
Price > $200,000 Domain > 1150.com
Price > $250,000 Domain > 2005.com
Price > $250,000 Domain > 3886.com
Price > $250,000 Domain > 6955.com
Price > $480,000 Domain > 429.com
Price > $480,000 Domain > 417.com
Price > $499,900 Domain > 457.com
Price > $600,000 Domain > 1949.com

These are on make offer, with the minimum offer set:

On offer from .. $80,000 Domain > 1003.com
On offer from .. $12,000 Domain > 8294.com
On offer from .. $14,999 Domain > 4825.com
On offer from .. $10,000 Domain > 3745.com
On offer from .. $250 Domain > 5803.com
On offer from .. $10,000 Domain > 3746.com
On offer from .. $500,000 Domain > 29.com
On offer from .. $10,000 Domain > 1494.com
On offer from .. $10,000 Domain > 373.com

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It’s been an an incredible Summer & Autumn in the domain game. The collapse of the Chinese stock market and the floodgates opened. They’re buying Prada in London and property in California. And with the ability to get cash out of China via domains – you can see why this is a good proposition.

It’s funny that they don’t want the vowels as these don’t translate. The short domain market (LLLL) with no vowels – this time it is different. The floor is up. So, for us Westerners, the boot is on the other foot – when it was all words, we were in our comfort zone. As with the numbers, you must easily be able to translate into Chinese and then back again. It’s actually fun learning a bit about it. I’m only playing for fun with this, I’ve decided the best way to play is to scan the market and bring some bargains to the orchard.

This is part of a series and we’re going to be checking our little heart out at afternic and sedo, so stay tuned for our next scan post! Somebody is going to get a bargain! I can’t play this game directly, so I’ll play it indirectly.

In the meantime, if you do happen to get a name, why not tell us about it, and why it makes sense to you? Whether your building, naming or investing, I wish you good fortune cookies!