Revolutions, you and the power of FTP (Part One of Two)

revolutionIn this blog post, we identify a three letter LLL – FTP – that could start the journey to transform your parked domains.

To start, we’ll go back just a bit to what is sometimes referred to as “Domaining 1.0”.

In other words – the beginning of the web; and the era of the “type in” domain.

Ok so there’s no social, no iPhone, zero apps and not even Google.

To access the web, you actually used a thing called a modem, which made a noise akin to an alien spaceship attempting to communicate with Earth.

And people are trying to find stuff on the nascent web – and their typing in domains galore into their Netscape address bar.

Fast forward to today; we have social, apps and the address bar also acts as a search engine.

Here’s the thing – as times pass, the brands are winning. There is less and less need to guess domains.

The parking pages, ideal for those dial up days, can’t seem to innovate.

Now – people are still typing in those names. It’s not dead. But, let’s face it, it’s getting late.

And yet, even still…there’s a shuttle train coming down the tracks, and it could be well worth the run to catch this, as parking revenues have plummeted.

That means a bit of web design, and web design means a bit of FTP. FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”, or at least I hope it does.

This simple program transfers your files that make up your website, and as the headline in the article suggests, it could revolutionise your work online.

But who the hell am I anyway? Truly you don’t need to take my word for it.

I think you’ve heard of Rick Schwartz? Here’s what Rick had to say about FTP:

“I discovered that domains were the back door to a land of dreams. I learned how to FTP and that was the day my life changed!”

You can read more about Rick’s ideas on

This FTP is the gateway by which you can forge your own relationships with suppliers and producers. Here’s a graphic from the magic within FTP:

Okay so the work is finding the paying affiliate programs, and I’ll detail three niches that could work in the next part of this series. If you have a lot if typeins in these areas, well, it could be worth a try.


I’d love to hear a response from you. Simply get in touch to share your opinion on this blog. I wish you happy domaining, tech building and file transferring!