After the revolution: what now? (Part Two)

Engineers on building site cheking plansIn this second of a two part series, we highlight a number of affiliate programs that could work with ‘pure search’ type in domains | Part One is here | .

By ‘pure search typein domains’, I’m referring to pure search Overture with extension score domains (or Google keywords search with extension score domains).

The Overture or Google keywords with extension score must not be primarily due to spillover traffic.

Design notes:

1. I’m not saying this is a panacea. Far from it. Your up against the brands, and your up against the web designers, not to mention small business looking Digital. Also social is now essential, and to be brutally honest, the domains are on the shuttle train behind the main express. However, the social could also be an opportunity, and it’s also there for us as much as anyone else.

2. You don’t need to go off and write lots of articles. I never got this. You can judge the appropriate time to do this yourself (if at all), but there’s no need at the start for the programs below. As Google themselves advise, “whatever you do, do it well”.

3. Design wise: we’re not inventing the wheel here. We’re putting up a site that’s just a little app. The starting point design wise is

The victory of Google is a stunning victory for minimalist design. The experiment has already been carried out. We know what works.

4. Carrying out this work: who is going to do this – you, or will you hire a designer from Freelancer, or some combination?

[Note: I could not stress the benefits of a night course in web design. One night a week is fine for a few months. You need luck with an inspiring tutor. There’s no need to apply to Harvard. This will give you the confidence when hiring designers and coders from Freelancer, plus you can ‘muck in’ yourself.]

Now let’s get down to experiments we’ve carried out and that could work with your parked domains, as there are a lot of people out there with, quite frankly, amazing parked domains.

Even 20-50 daily (adjusting for seasonality) could be worth it.

1) Jobs – head over to affiliate program.

2) Hotels – head over to or Expedia and try your own experiments, eg

3) Textbooks: okay so this is a bit more of a niche, but this is the one of the areas that definitely works. Head over to

It’s easy to identify these. They must spike in the first semester (July-August) and the second semester (January). This niche is, as expected, declining (for once the assumption is correct!).

4) Amazon – anything that has a good sales rank. The problem is the implementation. I don’t have a definitive solution. But there’s definitely action here.

5) Flights – getting a bit of a tune out of the CheapFlights affiliate program.

So you can see that in markets like jobs and hotels we don’t have a monopoly like situation, there are loads of players.

But will this continue?

Today, is paying well. Today, HotelsCombined is doing okay. Etc.

Tomorrow, who knows?

As has been said by someone very wise: “The number one mistake in business is assuming that current revenues will always continue, or even increase”.

We tend to overestimate the Net Present Value of future anticipated cash flows, and in fact we mightn’t even be aware of the assumptions we’re … assuming.

We’re all in the domain game – so we’re by now well aware of this.

Thankfully, this could go conversely. Just because a certain domain is not earning a lot now, well, hopefully we can turn this around.

Like the song says… “Que sera…sera”.


I’d love to hear a response from you. Simply get in touch to share your opinion on this blog. I wish you happy domaining, tech building and file transferring to your new website!