Conversation with a New Namer #1 – Determining domain values

woman touching web browser address bar with www signIn this series, we share a conversation we had with a new “namer” on NamePros, who wanted advice on entering the “domain game”.

Before this series begins, I must say I am learning all the time in this game, and have made a colossal amount of errors over the past.

I make errors all the time along these lines:

1. Probable errors – specific areas or topics where I believe there is a good chance an error is currently being made.
2. Unknown errors – speak for themselves!

In other words, this is not “The Way”, rather it’s the way I currently do it, and every investor will have their own path. The new investor’s name is Muhammad Owais, and his NamePros profile is here. He’s kindly agreed to share the conversation.

I have edited the responses and questions in the conversation.

Hi Alan,

Hope you are doing good. Am new to this domain business. In fact, I came into this field accidentally. Basically, I am a freelancer and work for a couple eBay stores for my clients. Now my aim is to start a successful domaining business. For that purpose I am reading a lot and learning the basics.

I read a couple of your replies on different threads and I thought to send you a message and ask for your opinion and hope you will not mind it.

So I want to start buying and I will have around $1,000 to $1,500 USD to start with. I want to buy for long term and want quick flips as well. I read a lot of posts and articles on how to spend the first $1,000 but the main problem I am facing is that I don’t know what is the value of the domain that I am willing to buy…

I search pre release lists and gd close outs for hours and find good names (according to my understanding) but I really don’t know the true value of those domains….
[… ]I don’t want to buy crap.

A domain may seem very nice to me but it might be worthless in the market. I need a push and want to be on the right track. Profit and loss is part of the game and I am not afraid of loosing money. I just want to improve my skills. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks a lot,


Here’s my reply:

“Yes I can help you with that.

Visit or

It has the sales history. By looking at past sales, you have some clue as to value.

So say I am looking at two domains:


To evaluate these domains, type the following into

This gives you the strength of sales in this area (names ending in ‘deals’ and ‘bargains’).

Now, you also can try domain sales beginning in “deal”.

To do this, you search for:


This gives you sales for words beginning with “deal”.

So, if you’re looking at a domain to buy, look at the sales. If there is no sales for a name containing a word – perhaps this is a warning?

On vs, you should conclude:

1. is stronger than
2. However, is also good and could be a good investment.

You may conclude this was likely without looking at the data.

However, by looking at the data, you can verify the assumption.

Now, please note that excludes Afternic/Godaddy sales for a few years, plus most private sales. Also, Sedo now only report stronger sales. But it’s still enough data to go on.

I hope this info is useful and I wish you a positive time in “domaining”!

Best regards,

Alan Dodd”

I’d love to hear a response from you. Simply get in touch to share your opinion on this blog. I wish you happy domaining, tech building or reading!