Could the Syracuse siblings solve the review problem with startup, Valido?

Can these siblings from Syracuse earn a massive “thank you!” from the rest of tech with their startup, Valido?

Trust is such a critical part of the web as it has evolved. We’re all about words here, so let’s dust off the old dictionary sitting on the shelf, and check the formal def.

[Only joking. Let’s Google it.]

“Trust; n. – Confidence in or reliance on some quality or attribute of a person or thing, or the truth of a statement” – Oxford English Dictionary

So, if say 30% of all reviews are completely fake, trust as a whole on the Internet has got a problem.

That’s a problem that Valido are aiming to solve. With one of the sibling co-founders having years of experience as a “user experience designer” for eBay, this startup is lean from the get-go.

Undoubtedly the company that fixes this problem will not only be commercially successful, but will gain all the kudos of the e-Commerce community. The plan: only actual customers verified at the POS will be able to make a review. Check out the interview with Denise and Richard Belle…

Part One – 3 minutes

Part Two – 3 minutes (sorry, slight hitch with the vid)

To contact this startup:

twitter machine contact: @VALIDO_co
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