EMD and Google: weird scenes inside the keyword tool

Perhaps I missed this and it’s public info already.

Ok so I’m looking at a phrase, say “DVD Stores”. (DVD is not dead!).

I want to analyse the keyword strength of the phrase “dvd stores” on exact at Google. I go to the tool, I select exact match. Here’s the echo:


So far, so normal.

Next, I want to compare the strength of the singular, “dvd store” to the plural. I add add it to the keywords, and here’s the echo:


Either this is a very strange coincidence, or I’m Ronald MacDonald. Let’s widen the search to include “dvdstore” and dvdstores”.

Here’s your echo:-


Okay, so it looks like we’re finally getting an exact on “dvdstores”.

I’ve tried a few phrases now, and I am reaching the following conclusion:

Currently, exact match search is amalgamating certain plurals and eliminating spaces. But, this does not happen all the time.

For example, exact match search for “fishing rod” and “fishings rod” does appear to be returning the correct. figures. But the thing is “fishing rod” now includes “fishing rods“.

Fishings of course…umm, it’s not a word.

I’m noticing a few auctions on various sites with the exact searches advertised, hence the reason for this post. I wasn’t aware of this, and my apologies if it’s old news.

Now I’m off to watch Episode 125 of Star Trek, only two years to go, which probably be the time of my next blog post, if I’m still here lol.


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