Is the Festival of Social Upon us – with Indian Startup RipeIn

Does this sound familiar?

1. Visit facebook to check feed. If on mobile, open App; web – visit site.
2. Brain clicks into gear – need to check LinkedIn.
3. If on mobile, press round button. On desktop – minimise window.
4. Open LinkedIn. If on mobile, open app; desktop – visit site.

Here’s the thing.

For many of us, this process is compounding throughout the day. Happening several times, it’s adding unnecessary stress to already busy lives.

Indian startup are hoping to fix that.

They propose you will post to your friends and to your professional contacts using the same platform, while at the same time either combining or separating the two sets of contacts.

Here’s a graphic of where the site is at now:


The startup is calling the concept “Procial” {Professional + Social};.

Already with 1,000 users, they have produced the first iteration of the product. But, they have a University also signed up to work on further iterations. That’s an Indian University btw, with a lot of people.

Another killer feature – the site will “speak” your the posts in your feed.

We interviewed four of the team at the RDS:-

To contact this startup:

twitter machine contact: @ripeindotcom
twitter machine profile:
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