Stop Press: “Banished” startup back on Facebook

ShadeRoomIn this article we highlight quickly news around startup “The Shade Room” and Facebook.

TechCrunch reports that ‘The Shade Room’ is back on Facebook – but under a different Facebook url, and presumably minus their previously amassed 4 million followers.

The startup is a hot ‘meme’ generator and is heavily reliant on Facebook.

From the articles, it’s unclear why FB took the action they did, it could possibly be regarding use of unlicensed photos or some other legal issue – probably not a ‘life or death’ issue.

From the TC articles, it’s clear they are not alone in being yanked by FB.

Clearly we have growing pains here, and everyone posting on FB is subject to their T & Cs.

Sometimes the advice from the gurus to “build first” and “apologise later” … has it’s issues.

I understand the startup has it’s own domain, so thankfully they could stay up and running, as we all love a good meme. (Update: the startup appears to operate on and has an Alexa rank around 95,000.)

The power of Facebook is revealed – ignore FB at your peril.

So if someone is telling you that you don’t need to purchase a great domain for $500 – $3,000, why not send refer them to this story, and here’s your link to the story:

The shocking article(s) on TechCrunch

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