The virtuous tech cycle

Let’s take a look at the way people – aka users – interact with tech websites and apps.

Is there any limit to the way we go round-and-round?  Monday kicks off the week, we spin into action around Wednesday, before collapsing in a heap on Sunday.

And then – it kicks off again.

Day turns into night, Spring to Summer, year into glorious year.

Cycle breakdown
1.  The person hears about your tech.  It hears it as a name with a medium.  This is the dawn of your brand for this person.

Let’s say a person hears about

2. The person processes all the info they have about Facebook.

3. Curiosity is piqued.  It is decided that a visit must be paid to Facebook.

4. Account is created and let’s say a friend located.  Hmm.. they look pretty cool, it has to be admitted.

5. Ah lunch over – got to go.

6. Further processing concludes that a follow-up visit to Facebook is required.  Those rock star photos from those rock star nights out require a home.

At this stage, the name is recalled.

7. Photos successfully uploaded, cueing a small dopamine kick.

8. And now the cycle gets going.  Comments are left, likes received and dopamine boosted.  Round and round!

At this stage, the person does not have to consciously recall the name – its there in the subconscious.  But our diplomatic point is that the brand name – often in the form of a domain – is a critical point of the cycle.

Can you get a virtuous cycle going between your name and your content along these lines?

Brand name ) visit ) dopamine kick ) processing  ) name recall ) visit ) dopamine kick … round & round.