WebSummit – Alpha Startups

Ok so some background.

WebSummit.net is a very large tech (read: startup) conference held this year in Dublin, Ireland. I applied for entry as a blogger, and got in. Happy tech days!

Here’s the WebSummit Interviews:


1. QuickTask.com – Charles Gagnon. Enables businesses like hair salons and clinics to take appointments on the web (including critically on Facebook) with a simple snippet >> Check out this startup interview and contact details..

2. SID – Craig Vallis. Enables safe and secure logins by placing your login info on your phone, as opposed to on a server, just waiting to be plucked away by data thieves. Browser extension produces a QR code which you scan with the phone, thus also saving you time. Bye-bye spreadsheet! Check out this startup interview and contact details..

3. KJuicer.com – Giampaolo Ferradini. KJuicer.com plan to “juice” books – no pips and peel, just the essential stuff.. Check out this startup interview and contact details..

4. Valido – Denise Belle // Richard Belle. Could the Syracuse siblings solve the review problem with startup, Valido? Check out this startup interview and contact details..

5. RipeIn – with the team. Is the Festival of Social Upon us – with Indian Startup RipeIn. Check out this startup interview and contact details..

Just some more background. The startups at WebSummit are split into two groups:

1. Beta Startups – these may already have significant funding and traction, and will be taking part in “pitching” competitions throughout the Summit.

2. Alpha Startups – these are earlier stage startups looking for funding, or to make contacts, or to get the word out their about their startups.

Wouldn’t it be great to discover an amazing startup in the Alphas?

That’s why were doing this.

Why get interviewed by LinkOrchard.com?

1. We aim to get you exposure for your startup on this blog, with a video and of course all your web and social links, contact deets etc. We hope to post before, during and after the WebSummit so email us anytime.

2. I have started researching what sort of questions are relevant to Investors. For example, one investor, I believe coming to Dublin, stated he’s looking to see what “success” looks like.

So say your startup is successful – what happens? He buys what off whom, and how etc., I would imagine. Concerning obstacles along the way… what is the strategy to deal with obstacles A,B,C …etc.

So we will have totally relevant questions for your objectives.

3. Time is of now of the essence but I hope to read as much about your Startup as I possibly can before we chat.

If you would like to be interviewed…great!

Simply email us: support AT linkorchard.com. About me: I’m basically a humble affiliate bootstrapper and blogger, you can read about my background and projects here on LinkedIn.

Update – here’s the Questions we’ll be asking

So I’m sourcing these from an incredibly useful post that appeared on the WebSummit blog offering advice from VCs to startups.

We can pass on anything you don’t want to answer.

1.1 – The 30 second pitch. Let’s go for it!
1.2 Any existing traction – let’s go into that. Users, revenue, beta signups, expressions of interest – anything.
2. Your absolute best foot forward! Let’s chat about that. The team, the idea, heck – even the ping pong abilities.
3. Okay now Wesley Chan’s advice. Critical. What exactly does success look like? Who buys what off whom, who logs in to what etc.?
4. Obstacles. A,B, or C. How are they going to be overcome?
5. We’ll chat about your own background and your passion for your idea, and any obstacles you had to overcome.

Any mad ideas? Let’s chat about them! Do you think Star Wars should be essential viewing for every aspiring business person? Brilliant, so does Peter Thiel!
Other notes – Chip Hazard’s advice is that your goal is to make a connection at the conference. You don’t have to explain everything. A bit of madness goes a long way I guess?

If you’re new to reading this blog (okay well that is like anyone), we hope to capture the rush and spills of this thrilling event with nightly dispatches, for you to enjoy.


We’re also interviewing Dublin startups not going to WebSummit, so far HeatHug have given us an interview.

Dublin days are upon us!