Why do I feel like – somebody’s watching me?

one detective man criminal investigations investigating crime in silhouette on white backgroundIn this article, we take a quick look at the issue of “re-targeted” online ads.

Okay so the big development over the last few years in online advertising has been the “phenomenon” of advertising re-targeting.

We’re now all very familiar with these ads, following us around the Internet – like Inspector Clouseau on a bad day.

And yes, I realise they (the specific ad) can be switched off, but this is not popping out at me, I have to look for it – and it’s effort, which means work and time.

Two things we can say:

1. Google have all the data and the brains; they know how to make their cash.

2. They are also under pressure to deliver non-stop growth on a quarterly basis to a simultaneously rational & irrational market.

3. Ad blocking software is springing up faster than genetically modified seedless fruit and veg at your local supermarket.

So I’m to say New York and I’ve booked through my favourite travel site.

I’m now looking for furniture, and browing away on the web. I’m even typing in a name or two. But the hotel ads are now doing the Pink Panther and tracking me around.

I’ve like booked the hotel?

Hmmm…re-targeting on parked domains and on websites all the time.


I’m done with the hotel. I’m now on to furniture. That’s why I’m reading about furniture.

I wonder about the injection of ‘time’ into the equation.

I have no doubt that re-targeting is leading to increased revenues, but I wonder on the time frame for this.

What’s going to happen as time marches on? Will re-targeted adverts pay the penalty as time passes?

Well, Inspector Clouseau always got his target eventually, so I guess we’ll see!

I’d love to hear a response from you. Simply get in touch to share your opinion on this blog. I wish you happy domaining, tech building or responding to online adverts!